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What is Escape Room?
It's interactive logic game designed for group of players, whose role is to escape from a closed room by the time limit through solving riddles, puzzles, finding clues and keys.

In the case of interest, you must make a reservation in advance by phone or email.

  • You are locked in a room for whatever reason it might be. One goal: ESCAPE!
  • Walk around, observe and find information, tools and keys.
  • Don't panic over the puzzles or riddles. Think and solve them.
  • Once you find a lock, find the combination from the clue and unlock it.
  • Proceed this way until you get to freedom.
  • Information

    In our Escape room we have prepared an unique adventure which will test your thinking and teamwork. The physical strength is not essential and it won't help you much. You will have exactly 90 minutes to escape. This game is designed for 2 to 5 persons. You must be at least 15 years old to play this game and those who are younger than 15 years old can play accompanied by an adult only.

    What's the entry fee?

    The price for one group is 59€.
    The payment is carried out in cash only before the beginning of the game.
    It's also possible to buy an entry or gift voucher by paying in advance to the account.

    When you have open?

    Desired date can be agreed by phone or email, we don't have fixed open hours. We try to set up to your desired date.

    What to dress?

    Wear something comfortable. Area has a room temperature and there is no trap that could make you dirty.

    What if we don't finish the game within the time limit?

    Of course we open the door for you and wish you better luck next time.

    Are there any live animals, insects or people?

    No, nothing alive occurs in the room.

    Is it possible to park near you?

    You can park in front of the building for free in following time: MON-FRI after 6pm, SATURDAY after 12am, SUNDAY whole day (beside this it's 0,50€/hour.).
    You can also park in Aupark Žilina, it is only 5 minutes by walk.

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